The 3 Incredible Reasons Why Women Always Fall For A Jerk

No offense meant to all the ladies out there but we all know that most of the time we get attracted to men who are considered jerks in the society. We will all get excited about the relationship but in the end, once our hearts are broken, we’ll tell ourselves why we ever fell for a jerk. We will despise their likes but eventually fall for the same kind of man. Check out why women have the tendency to fall for people who are considered jerks.


Jerks are everywhere but whatever we say, we cannot deny the fact that they have strong personalities which women swoon for. When we see this kind of guy, it is seldom that we can see fear right through their eyes. They may be bad, but surely they know how to carry themselves in a very confident manner.


For women, we want someone who already received the success that we are looking for in life or someone that we think can reach their goals. Jerks have this kind of attitude towards women. The ladies can see these men as if they can conquer the world because of their priorities. Sadly, they are jerks because women are not their top priority.


It is not the typical word that you would hear if we are talking about men who are considered jerks. It’s just that this kind of men that have the ability to make you too happy and too frustrated easily. Women are always attracted to men who can give their emotions a roller coaster ride.

If you can see a woman falling for someone who is a bad boy, don’t be surprised because it happens all the time. Being a jerk is not the main reason why girls fall head over heels in love with them. It is the traits they possess.

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