The 4 Most Common Types Of Assholes That Women Get Attracted To

Whether we admit it or not, women have a thing for the bad boys. There are a lot of instances whereas the ladies fall for assholes. With that being said, let’s check out the common types of assholes that women seemed to be attracted to all the time. Check it out and let’s try to learn some lesson.

Mr. Ignore It All The Time

Girls see this as a challenge, but it is not supposed to work that way. Some men will deliberately ignore your messages. They wouldn’t even bother to send a reply even if they have already read your message. It’s the wrong way to treat the ladies so it is best if we can stay away.

The Cheater

These assholes are usually the handsome flock. Just because they are good looking, it doesn’t mean that they are God’s gift to women. These types of guys have a weak sense of morality. We should take care of the ladies and not use them as toys.

The Temperamental

Of course, not every day is a good day. There will always come a time when we can experience something that is out of our control. Bad things may have occurred but no man has the right to pour his temper to his girl. For the ladies out there, never let a man shout at you and treat you like crap.

Mr. High and Mighty

You are a woman and it is essential that your man will make you feel like one. Never let men treat you like trash whereas he can’t even give you simple gestures that every woman deserves. If he is someone who is giving you the feeling of superiority, get a grip and let him go.

A woman deserves love and respect. With that being said, we should find the right man who can give us what we deserve and not just some random assholes who are too full of themselves.

The 3 Incredible Reasons Why Women Always Fall For A Jerk

No offense meant to all the ladies out there but we all know that most of the time we get attracted to men who are considered jerks in the society. We will all get excited about the relationship but in the end, once our hearts are broken, we’ll tell ourselves why we ever fell for a jerk. We will despise their likes but eventually fall for the same kind of man. Check out why women have the tendency to fall for people who are considered jerks.


Jerks are everywhere but whatever we say, we cannot deny the fact that they have strong personalities which women swoon for. When we see this kind of guy, it is seldom that we can see fear right through their eyes. They may be bad, but surely they know how to carry themselves in a very confident manner.


For women, we want someone who already received the success that we are looking for in life or someone that we think can reach their goals. Jerks have this kind of attitude towards women. The ladies can see these men as if they can conquer the world because of their priorities. Sadly, they are jerks because women are not their top priority.


It is not the typical word that you would hear if we are talking about men who are considered jerks. It’s just that this kind of men that have the ability to make you too happy and too frustrated easily. Women are always attracted to men who can give their emotions a roller coaster ride.

If you can see a woman falling for someone who is a bad boy, don’t be surprised because it happens all the time. Being a jerk is not the main reason why girls fall head over heels in love with them. It is the traits they possess.

The 3 Best Tips To Remember When Dating A Lawyer

When we fall in love, we can’t always choose who the person would be. It is our hearts that will choose for us. Even if that someone is a lawyer who can be pretty argumentative at times, we cannot stop ourselves from falling. To make sure that we find success, here are the best tips that you have to remember when dating a man of law.

Increase Awareness

In one way or another, dating a lawyer will make you visible in his or her world. I am not saying that you should study law as well, but it would be better if you can learn some stuff about it. He or she may drag you to some functions whereas there will be high profile people, not to mention their associates as well. If you know something about the field they are working in, it can be a great help for your partner and yourself as well.


Being a lawyer is a demanding job that will cost him a lot of sleepless nights. It’s because there may be a lot to study or cases to review. You cannot be jealous of his work. You will need to increase your understanding most especially during the times whereas you cannot even talk to him because he or she is busy.

Focus on other things

Dating a lawyer is hard because you will have to endure the times when he or she is not available. You cannot be too clingy who wants to get all his or her attention because that will never happen. Lawyers will always be busy building a defense, finding loop holes and so much more. You need to have a hobby that will keep you busy.

Don’t tell me I didn’t warn you. Dating a lawyer requires a lot of patience and understanding. It’s not easy, but it is worth it.